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Zero Balance Account

How can a Zero Balance Account help your business?

A Zero Balance Account can help minimize idle funds and administrative expenses normally associated with monitoring multiple accounts. This service is useful for companies with multiple locations and branches that have a need to maintain separate accounts for record keeping or audit purposes but want to automatically concentrate these funds at the end of the day.

Benefits of a ZBA Account

  • Concentrate funds automatically at the end of the day
  • Automate manual transfers to fund accounts
  • View corporate liquidity as a single account; not multiple accounts
  • Maintain separate deposit and payment records
  • Avoid idle fund balances pending payment of checks
  • Gather funds from multiple locations or branches

Features of a ZBA Account

  • Target balance can be set at any amount, usually zero
  • Multiple secondary accounts can tied to a primary funding account
  • Detailed check and deposit records are available for each account
  • Multiple tier account arrangements are available

How to get started

To take full advantage of the concentration of funds into a primary account through ZBA, you may also want to use our Automated Sweep to insure that idle balances are always fully invested.

  • Establish a secondary account for your company’s stores, offices and locations that need the flexibility to make deposits and write checks
  • Assign each secondary account a target balance
  • Establish primary concentration account to pool funds
  • At the end of the day, funds are swept into or out of the primary account based on each secondary account’s target level.