Vision Mission & Values Statement | ABC Bank

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Vision Mission & Values Statement


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ABC will continue to build upon its heritage and longevity as a community bank. ABC will be defined by the quality, usefulness, and affordability of its products and services. ABC is a for profit business; we will foster relationships where we know and understand our customer and where these relationships are mutually beneficial. ABC will take pride in our service to the communities where we have a presence and will seek out opportunities for leadership and volunteerism in those communities.

ABC will make it a priority to balance growth and profitability while remaining “well capitalized” as defined by current regulatory standards. ABC will not jeopardize asset quality in order to achieve growth and will place emphasis on safety and soundness.

Our staff will strive to provide friendly, prompt customer service. They will be knowledgeable of our products and services. They will be reliable and will strive for accuracy. Our staff will seek opportunities to expand and improve a customer’s relationship and the profitability of that relationship. We will use technology for efficient and convenient product delivery, and we will charge fair and competitive fees for these products. We will create and maintain an environment where we will treat our customers as we would like to be treated.


  1. Comply with all regulatory laws and regulations
  2. Customer focus
  3. Respect for each other/Teamwork
  4. Quality
  5. Professionalism/Ethical Behavior
  6. Initiative/Innovation