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Switching is easy. Easy as ABC!

Our convenient and helpful Switch Kit provides a great resource to help you ensure a quick and easy move. A Switch Kit can be picked up at any ABC banking center or you can utilize the instructions and forms below to assist you. These convenient forms will help make your switch easier by guiding you through closing your accounts and changing your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals.


A. Switch on your ABC Bank account

Choose the checking account that best meets your busy lifestyle needs. ABC Bank offers a variety of checking options for you to choose from. Click here for more information on either Personal Checking Accounts or Business Checking Accounts.


B. Switch your automatic transactions

ABC Bank has forms that will help you contact the companies and financial institutions that currently handle your automatic deposits and withdrawals . Use this checklist as a guide of companies you may need to contact.

  • Your employer’s human resources department
  •  Your retirement or pension plan administrators
  •  Social Security Administrator
  •  Other direct deposits

Automatic withdrawals or payments:

  •  Mortgage Company
  •  Auto Company
  •  Utilities (i.e. electric, gas, phone, cable, etc.)
  •  Insurance
  •  Other

Direct Deposit: If you receive deposits other than payroll direct deposit such as retirement or Social Security payments, contact the depositor for specific instructions on changing these deposits to your new ABC Bank account.


C. Switch off your old account

Be sure and leave your old accounts open long enough to have all outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals clear. This process may take several weeks. Once you are sure the old account is inactive, ask your previous financial institution to send you the balance. Then you can destroy any old checks, ATM/Debit cards, and deposit slips. Contact one of our friendly account representatives for more information on switching to ABC Bank.


Click here for a Direct Deposit Form.

Click here for an Automatic Payment Form.

Click here for a Closed Account Form

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