Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes offer a secure space to store important or valuable items. Located inside our secure bank environment, under the dual control of a two-key system, the boxes are protected by the same security devices that guard the bank’s own assets, giving you peace of mind. For a small annual rental fee, you can choose a box in the size that meets your needs and gain access to it virtually at any time during normal banking hours.

From insurance policies to your great-grandmother’s ring, your valuables will be safe and secure in a safe deposit box at ABC Bank. Keep your most important possessions from getting lost or being stolen. Some of your important documents are best kept in a safe deposit box. These are the papers you don’t often need to refer to and are difficult to replace: military discharge papers, stock and bond certificates, original copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates, adoption, divorce and child custody papers, and the deed to your home.


Here are some of the types of items you may want to consider storing in your safe deposit box:

– Automobile Titles
– Bank Records
– Bills of Sale
– Birth Certificates
– Citizenship Papers
– Death Certificates
– Deeds
– Divorce Decrees
– Family Valuables
– Heirlooms
– Immigration Papers
– Insurance Policies
– Inventories
– Jewelry & Loose Stones
– Leases
– Life Insurance Policies
– Marriage Certificates
– Medals
– Mortgage Papers
– Passports
– Pension Documents
– Photograph Negatives
– Precious Metals
– Private Writings
– Promissory Notes
– Rare Stamps, Coins and Bills
– School Transcripts
– Service Records
– Social Security Documents
– Stock and Bond Certificates
– Tax Agreements
– Tax Records
– Title Papers
– Trust Papers
– U.S. Savings Bonds
– Wills


Safe deposit boxes are also ideal for storing a photo or video tape inventory of your home and belongings used for insurance purposes in the case of a loss. What shouldn’t go in the box are things you would need to access right away in an emergency, such as a living will or originals of a “power of attorney” authorization.


Safe Deposit Box Sizes – Annual Rental and Other Fees

Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and competitively priced to help you secure your possessions for just pennies a day, and are accessible during regular business hours of the branch. Depending on branch location and subject to availability, our safe deposit boxes come in various sizes and with a low annual rental fee that can be automatically deducted from your ABC Bank checking or savings account.

Please note that not all box sizes are available at every location.

Box Size Annual Rent
3″ X 5″ $20.00
5″ X 5″ $25.00
3″ X 10″ $30.00
4″ X 10″ $40.00
5″ X 10″ $45.00
10″ X 10″ $80.00
Key Deposit $20.00
Drilling Fee Locksmith Fee


Whatever your storage requirements are, pick the box that best matches your security needs. If the size of box that you want is not available at the branch office most convenient for you, we maintain a waiting list on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Safe deposit box branch locations

Addison, Texas
5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 100

Austin, Texas
610 West 5th Street

Austin, Texas
2243 West Braker Lane

Austin, Texas
10920 Lakeline Mall Drive

Lubbock, Texas
3721 50th

Wolfforth, Texas
530 East Highway 62/82

Important notice: The contents of your safe deposit box are not insured against loss by American Bank of Commerce or FDIC. For your protection, you may wish to obtain your own insurance on the contents of your box.

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