Welcome to American Bank of Commerce

Whether buying a new car or financing a dream vacation, ABC can help you achieve your goal with a personal loan that’s right for you.  As a full-service bank, we offer multiple products and services to make your life easier and streamline the time you spend on financial decisions.  Please call or stop by your local convenient ABC Bank location to pick up an application and visit with our friendly staff.  To better assist you in determining what fits in your budget, please see our financial tools section.

The Advantage of Making Yourself a Loan…..

When approved you will have availability to a revolving credit line which can be accessed at your convenience. CREDITadvantage from American Bank of Commerce is a better way to have the money for what you need when you need it. CREDITadvantage is a personal line of credit through which you may qualify for as much as $25,000 at a variable rate of interest above the Wall Street Journal Prime Lending Rate. Access your credit line in several easy ways: 

   Withdraw funds directly from your CREDITadvantage loan at any teller window.
~   Request a transfer to your checking account for the needed amount of funds from any ABC customer service representative.
~  Write a check on your American Bank of Commerce checking account for more than your current balance and we will advance the money you need automatically, in increments of $100 into your checking account. 

The Advantage Over Credit Cards…..
CREDITadvantage is a better alternative to credit cards. You'll enjoy an interest rate that most credit cards cannot match and you pay no annual fee, late fee, or access charges. Because the interest rate is lower than that of most credit cards, you can save money by paying off credit card balances using your CREDITadvantage account.

Activity History and Repayment Methods
Each month you can see a history of your CREDITadvantage account activity on your regular checking account statement. 5% of your outstanding balance or $25.00, whichever is greater, is due monthly. Your minimum monthly payment will be automatically drafted from your checking account. Also, you can pay all or part of your CREDITadvantage balance at any time without penalty.

Applying for CREDITadvantage
Applying for CREDITadvantage is as easy as applying for a credit card, maybe easier. Since we are locally owned, our decision-makers are here providing you with quality and efficient service. To apply, please contact a new account representative at one of our convenient
ABC Banking Centers or your account Officer.