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MasterMoney Card  - Your Card...Your Choice 

ABC Bank is proud to offer these Banking Center locations offering instant issue card service for your convenience, when you need your debit card faster or in the event of an emergency:  

West Texas
3721 50th Street    Lubbock
8112 Indiana Ave    Lubbock
530 East Highway 62-82    Wolfforth
610 West 5th Street
8668 Spicewood Springs Road
2243 West Braker Lane
2201 West Ben White

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 ABC Bank's Smart Way To Shop

Here's how it works…The MasterMoney Card from ABC Bank works like any ATM card and MORE. A PIN(Personal Identification Number) is assigned to your card for security purposes and allows you to authorize cash transactions, inquiries and transfers through any ATM machine. (Normal ATM fees apply.) That is not all... your MasterMoney Card from ABC Bank will allow you to make purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, hotels, repair shops and limitless other places that would accept payment by cash, check, or credit. As you complete your purchases, the amount of the transaction is deducted from your checking account balance and eliminates the need for checks and identification verification procedures associated with issuing a check.

You can use the MasterMoney Card anywhere...Merchants displaying the MasterCard logo will take your card. You may use any ATM machine displaying the logos you see on the back of your card.

Card purchases will appear on your monthly checking account statement...The amount, date, and place where you used the card will appear on your statement, along with the checks you write and your ATM transactions. You can keep better track of your total spending with all transactions on one statement.

 How To Get Your Card

To obtain a MasterMoney Card, just fill out the application...Pick up an application at any ABC Banking Center. Fill it out and return it to us for approval. Once approved, your new card will be mailed to you. Two to three days later, your PIN(Personal Identification Number) will arrive in the mail.

 MasterMoney Card Transactions Online

When shopping with your MasterMoney Card, funds are deducted from your available balance immediately...Please realize you are spending money you have deposited, rather than money you are borrowing. You need to ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your checking account. If you do not have sufficient funds available, then just as with insufficient checks, you can expect to pay the applicable fees and charges. Insufficient funds may also result in your card transaction being declined.

 How To Start Using Your MasterMoney Card

Fill out application...It's quick and easy to fill out.

Choose your card design...One of eleven above.

Submit application for approval...Bring your completed application by any American Bank of Commerce location or simply mail it in.

Watch your mailbox...Once you are approved, your MasterMoney Card will be mailed to you. You will receive your PIN(Personal Identification Number) two to three days after your card arrives.

Activate your card...You may visit any ATM or POS(Point of Sale) terminal to activate your card with the PIN that you receive in the mail. Once your card is activated, you are ready to make purchases and ATM transactions.

Use your card...Use your MasterMoney Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted or at any ATM.

Record transactions...Record transactions in your checkbook register.

Watch your account...Transactions will be memo posted to your account immediately. Actual charge may not be deducted from your ledger balance for several days.

Review transaction activity...Review your transaction activity on your monthly checking account statement or anytime with our convenient online banking service.

 Additional Fees May Apply

A full fee schedule is available at any ABC Banking Center Location