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Financial Elder Abuse is the illegal or improper use of an elderly (65 and older) person's funds, property, or resources.  Any person having cause to believe that an elderly or disabled person is a victim of financial exploitation is required to report it immediately to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. 
      Exploitation is the illegal or improper act or process of a caretaker,
family member, or other individual who has an ongoing relationship with the elderly or
disabled person and using the resources for monetary or personal benefit,
profit, or gain without the informed consent of the elderly or disabled person.
Possible Indicators of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
The following descriptions are not necessarily proof of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. But they may be clues that a problem exists, and that a report needs to be made to law enforcement or Adult Protective Services.

Behavioral Signs

    • Fear
    • Anxiety, agitation
    • Anger
    • Isolation, withdrawal
    • Depression
    • Non-responsiveness, resignation, ambivalence
    • Contradictory statements, implausible stories
    • Hesitation to talk openly
    • Confusion or disorientation

Signs of Financial Abuse

    • Frequent expensive gifts from elder to caregiver
    • Elder's personal belongings, papers, credit cards missing
    • Numerous unpaid bills
    • A recent will when elder seems incapable of writing will
    • Caregiver's name added to bank account
    • Elder unaware of monthly income
    • Elder signs on loan
    • Frequent checks made out to "cash"
    • Unusual activity in bank account
    • Irregularities on tax return
    • Elder unaware of reason for appointment with banker or attorney
    • Caregiver's refusal to spend money on elder
    • Signatures on checks or legal documents that do not resemble elder's
Tips to help avoid Elder Abuse
  • Stay socially active
  • Document Financial Arrangements
  • Do not give away  property
  • Get to know your Banker, Attorney and Financial Consultant
  • Be cautious of joint accounts
  • Include a compensation clause in any Power of Attorney
If you feel you or someone else has been a victim of Elder Abuse:
 Contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services immediately
 Contact your local law enforcement officials if needed
Adult Protective Services
Abuse Hotline for APS Facility Investigations: