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How many returned NSF checks did you deal with this month?
It’s great for your business to have checks coming through the door. That is, until you find out days later that the check is no good. Suddenly you’re in the collections business.
Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with returned checks from your customers. It’s time consuming, expensive and detracts from the operation of your business. 
Let us introduce you to CheckCollectPlus™
This FREE business service automatically processes your return checks, provides you with daily online reports, and most importantly, electronically re-presents the checks automatically.
And we’ll pay you 100% face value!
Get out of the collections business.
Through the ACH network, we can improve and automate the collections process of NSF items and eliminate your need to be in the collections business.
CheckCollectPlus™ makes two attempts to collect the amount electronically. Even your customer who wrote the bad check will appreciate the convenience of having the embarrassing event taken care of quickly and inconspicuously. 
Features and Benefits
  •          Works for any business anywhere that accepts consumer checks
  •          No monthly, yearly or statement fees – no online reporting fees
  •          No limit on the number of checks
  •          100%  face value of collected checks weekly
  •          Out-of-town checks are handled as quickly as local checks
  •          Works directly with the check writer’s bank to settle funds
  •          Enables up to two strategically timed attempts at electronic recovery
  •          Fast processing increases the likelihood of recovery
  •          Collection is carried out quickly behind the scenes, avoiding possibly embarrassing situations for customers
  •          Significantly improves collection of NSF checks over conventional collection methods
  •          All collection activity and check images are viewable via online reporting
  •          Eliminates the need to contract with collection agencies.