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 Positive Pay... Successfully protect yourself from losses!

Financial losses from check fraud reach into the billions each year affecting companies of all sizes. Positive Pay is a powerful tool for early detection and identification of potential fraudulent activity. It guards against check forgery and third-party fraud by daily matching each item presented against a current list of valid issued checks.

Early fraud detection is the key to protecting your business. Positive Pay makes that possible.

  • Reduce risk of loss due to check fraud
  • Identify exception items at the time of presentment
  • Reduce your reconciliation effort by limiting the process to exception items only
  • While having the bank match each check you write to a file you provide, you not only protect your funds, but you create an automated daily reconciliation process
  • Easy upload process to report all issues
  • Easy identification of exception items
  • Ability to decision items that are suspended
  • ACH Blockers available
Successfully protect yourself from losses!