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Mobile Banking Security Guidelines 

While we do everything possible to protect your use of our electronic services, please read and follow these Mobile Banking Security Guidelines to do your part in protecting your identity and personal information.

Set a strong password
  • Don’t reuse passwords or use names or numbers that could be easily guessed by looking at other information on your phone. Try to use numbers, symbols and capital letters in your password and change it frequently.
Keep control of your phone and passwords
  • Just as you need to be careful when you give your credit card number to someone, be careful where you enter your login information. Never enter your login on a website or in a mobile application that doesn’t come directly from a trusted company.
Look for the "s"
  • Only enter your account or credit card information on a site that begins with “https:” or displays a lock symbol.
Download apps carefully
  • It’s best to only download applications (especially mobile banking applications) from trusted sources and trusted developers. Trust is often difficult to establish with the limited information available on a download site – so it is important to research third party reviews and look at the ratings before you download.
Download app updates regularly
  • There are mobile security apps that will update automatically to protect users from the latest threats, but the same may not be true of all banking and payment apps. Be sure you check them for updates regularly, as often times these may include fixes to any security flaws.
Auto-lock your smartphone
  • Set your phone to require an access password and enable your screen to auto-lock in five minutes to keep your information private.
Be careful where you click
  • Be very selective when deciding whether to click on links within emails, SMS or social networking sites that ask for your personal information. Be aware that any site you visit may place you at risk for Phishing attempts and malware attacks!
All pop-ups aren't meant to be annoying
  • Take note of pop up notices and alerts, they may be trying to tell you about potential threats or warn that you are leaving a secure environment.
Utilize Online Banking Alerts
  • Take advantage of the alerts offered by American Bank of Commerce to warn you of any unauthorized attempts to gain access to your Online Banking credentials or access your bank account(s).
Monitor accounts frequently
  • Take a few minutes each day to check your balances and review the previous day’s activity. You are in the best position to catch and prevent fraud from occurring.