Welcome to American Bank of Commerce

 Benefits of Online Banking

  New Layer of Security
You can now add a layer of security to logging in by registering your computer so no one can log in to your online banking from another computer, even if they know your Login ID and Password.  . 
  Stay inside our Website
Now when you’re logged into online banking, you will still be inside our main site and can navigate to pages such as product information or branch locations.

  Send Secure Questions to our Staff

Using Secure Messaging, you can send your online banking questions to bank staff. Because this channel is secure, you can include necessary information such as account numbers to ensure your questions gets prompt attention.

  Reset your Password without having to call the bank

Have you ever forgotten your password but the bank was closed, and so you couldn’t log into online banking? With our new system, you can now click a check box that reads “Forgot Password” at login time, and the system will let you choose either a previously authorized phone or email address through which to receive a temporary access code. This code, used in conjunction with your Login ID, will let you log in to establish a new password without needing the bank’s help.

  HELP Buttons on every page

"Help" buttons are available on every page to guide you on the features and functionality of the new system.

  Dynamically Resize Check Images

Check images are great, but sometimes those small, blurry images were hard to read. This new system contains a great feature that lets you expand and shrink the size of check images simply by moving your cursor over an “Zoom In” or “Zoom Out” link.

  Decide how much history you want to see for each account

You can now control the amount of history items (or the number of days worth of history you see) as a default for each account. This can be nice to help speed up page delivery and simplify the amount of data you see.

  Send Alerts and Reminders to Email or Phone

You can schedule balance alerts and reminders (e.g. birthday) to come to your phone, in addition to secure message and email.

  Commercial Features Enhanced

Payroll can be split between multiple accounts, email alerts can be sent to recipients, and now commercial master users can set-up and edit additional users without contacting the bank!

  Bill Payment Benefits!

—        E-bills (stop receiving paper bills from payees)
—        Accessible from anywhere Pay everyone at one website
—        Receive and pay e-bills
—        Schedule automatic payments
—        Utilize bill reminders
—        Review pending payments
—        Access bill history
—        State of the art technology
—        No data cached
   More control over payments
—        CheckFree Guarantee Biller will receive payment on or before pay date
      If a payment is late or not received, CheckFree will:
—        Perform research
—        Resubmit the payment (if necessary)
—        Refund up to $50 in late fees/finance charges 

—        Improperly scheduled payments
—        Merchant posting delay
—        Tax payments
—        Court ordered payments
—        Automatic payments instead of auto-debit
   Save time and money
—        Pay all bills at ONE website
—        Get debited when the payee receives the payment versus when the payment is made (you no longer get debited immediately in essence "paying" for the float).