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A Growing Form of Business Identity Theft
At American Bank of Commerce we are committed to your security and want to make you aware of an evolving electronic crime. With the increase of electronic banking, Cybercriminals are now targeting small to mid size businesses in order to fraudulently transfer money directly from their bank accounts.
Corporate Account Takeover is a type of business identity theft where a criminal uses malicious software (Malware) to steal a company’s valid online banking credentials to electronically steal money. Below are some statistics
  • In the past year, 16 occurrences of Fraudulent emails pretending to be from the FDIC were circulated by Cybercriminals (IBAT)
  • Malware increased by 139% in 2010 (Websense)
  • 46% increase in Mobile Malware in 4th quarter 2010 (McAfee)
  • 57,000 fake web addresses created each week (Guardian)
  • 22% of Google Searches lead to malicious links (Websense)
  • 10% of Facebook posts with links are malicious or Spam (Websense)
  • PayPal is the #1 target for Phishers and Facebook is #2 (Kapersky labs)
  • In 78% of fraud attacks, money leaves the bank before anyone notices (Guardian)
We believe there is a strong need for cooperative learning and communication between financial institutions and their corporate account holders to help combat these attacks. You can help us reduce the risk of these attacks by taking an active role in training your staff and implementing prudent security controls in the use of electronic financial transactions. 

Below are some helpful links that contain materials and resources related to Corporate Account Takeover that can assist you in your training efforts.  We value your business and together we can fight these types of crimes!

In an effort to further educate our customers, American Bank of Commerce has created a short eleven minute training video. The video encompasses what Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) is, how it works, and mitigation efforts that aid in preventing this type of threat.

Our goal at American Bank of Commerce is to work together with our valued customers to help prevent this type of crime. Please take a few minutes of your time to watch this very informative video at your convenience.

Corporate Account Takeover Video
Click Here 
(note: you will need Windows Media Player to play the video and audio turned on your computer)

Did You Know

January 6, 2015:  

With Tax Season beginning, you can expect an increase of phone and email scams of people claiming to be an IRS employee in order to gain access to your personal or financial information. As always, never give out information to unsolicited calls or email. Please keep in mind the following facts from the IRS Website:
The IRS will first contact you by mail if you owe taxes, not by phone.
The IRS never asks for credit, debit or prepaid card information over the phone.
The IRS never insists that you use a specific payment method to pay your tax.
The IRS never requests immediate payment over the telephone.
The IRS will always treat you professionally and courteously.
For more information, please visit www.irs.gov.