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Bank whenever you want from wherever you are with your web enabled mobile phone! This service is offered at no charge to our customers. This service allows you to:

  • Check your balance
  • View your history
  • Make one time funds transfers
  • Send and receive secure messages with ABC

Enable enrollment from your current Online Banking account or call us today for more information.

Mobile Banking FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
*      How do I access eMobileABC?
Go to your ABC online banking account and click on Mobile Banking Preferences to activate service and send an email or SMS text to your mobile device with the mobile login link. After you have activated your mobile preferences in your online banking account, simply access your mobile internet browser from your mobile device by selecting the link to the login page or by typing in the following URL:
*      Do I have to get email to my mobile device to access eMobileABC Banking?
No, you can send an email as an SMS text. Listed below are the most common carriers, if your carrier is not listed here please contact your carrier for instructions.
AT&T:   phonenumber@txt.att.net
T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.net
Virgin Mobile:  phonenumber@vmobl.com
 phonenumber = Your 10 digit cell phone number
*      What is the difference between eMobileABC Banking and Online Banking?
eMobileABC Banking is a version of Online Banking made specifically for your mobile device. There are fewer graphics and options to reduce complexity and increase speed. 
*      How do I know if my mobile device can access eMobileABC Banking?
eMobileABC Banking is accessible from most web-enabled cell phones and smart phones. If you have a mobile internet browser and internet access from your phone, it is most likely you can use eMobileABC Banking. To be sure, check with your mobile provider or simply try the activation and select the URL.
*      Is eMobileABC Banking free to use?
Yes, eMobileABC Banking is free to our ABC customers. Please keep in mind that you may be subject to rate and Internet-access fees charged by your internet service provider.
*      Do I need Online Banking to have eMobileABC Banking?
Yes, eMobileABC Banking preferences are controlled through Online Banking.
*      Can I pay bills through eMobileABC Banking?
No, because of the condensed format of eMobileABC Banking it is unable to support bill paying services.
*      Will my account information reside on my device?
No, account information is not stored on your mobile device. 

*      What are some Mobile Banking Security Guidelines?
       While we do everything possible to protect your use of our electronic services, please read and follow these
       Mobile Banking Security Guidelines to do your part in protecting your identity and personal information.

*      What if my device is lost or stolen?
Remember, eMobileABC cannot be accessed without your login and password. If someone attempts to guess your password they have three attempts and they will be locked out.Additionally, from your personal computer you can login to your Online Banking account and disable access to eMobileABC Banking.
*      Can I safely recycle or dispose of my mobile device if it has eMobileABC Banking on it?
Yes, although your information is not stored on your device, we recommend you remove any eMobileABC Banking bookmarks or applications.
*      Who do I contact for customer support?
Our Online Banking support team is available Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time at:  806-775-5000.  Or contact your local banking center:
ABC BANK COLORADO - (719) 595-7300
ABC BANK CENTRAL TEXAS - (512) 391-5500
ABC BANK NORTH TEXAS - (469) 229-4700
ABC BANK WEST TEXAS - (806) 775-5000