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Protecting You Online

We are committed to providing you a secure Internet banking environment. Our Online Banking services use industry-leading and approved technology to help protect your personal information. You can help protect your online banking services by following our Security Checklist.
  Verifying the Authenticity of Our Website
With the increased risk of Phishing threats, our secure Online Banking services allow you to create a personal phrase that you will see as a transparent overlay on our login screen. Your phrase will act to assure you that you are on our official site, as you will not see your phrase on a counterfeit website. Once you select your phrase, it is stored in an encrypted cookie in your browser. If you delete this cookie, your phrase may no longer appear, and will need to be reset by re-entering your phrase.

  Our Network Security
We provide secure network access for our Online Banking customers and support measures to prevent unauthorized access to our network. All Online Banking requests must first pass through a device on our network called a firewall. A firewall directs or blocks incoming requests to and from our online banking servers, passing only valid data requests like retrieving a web page or sending customer requests to the bank.

  Verifying your Identity
With the growing trend of identity theft, we may take several precautionary measures to ensure your identity for online banking. These measures may include:
When you use our online banking services:
  • When you logon, we require you to provide us with your Login ID and password to access your online accounts.
  • We have a Password Policy that your selected password must meet which improves the strength of your password.
  • We will require you to change your password periodically and may restrict your re-use of previously used passwords.
  • We may require you to register each new computer you use to access Online Banking. This short, one-time process ensures that only your registered computers have Login ID/Password access to our services.
  • We may limit the number of computers you are allowed to register for Online Banking.
  • We may give you the option to NOT register a computer and accept one-time access in the case you are accessing our services via a public computer.
  • Use an up-to-date, approved web browser.
When you call us at the bank:
  • We will ask you questions to help us determine your identity and account ownership.

  Protecting Your Personal Information

When you login to Online Banking, our servers verify that each incoming request is secure before transmitting any sensitive data. We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption that protects all information that is sent over the Internet during your online banking session. In order to use our Online Banking services, you must use a browser that supports this security level. Also, your browser must be enabled to accept cookies from our server and to allow the use of JavaScript. For some features, you may also need to allow pop-ups from our site.

  Monitoring Online Activity
We gather and monitor online banking activity to 1) understand and improve how you use our services, 2) to provide technical support or assistance or follow-up on transactions you initiate online, and 3) to investigate any suspicious or unauthorized use of our services. Any collected activity information is only used internally to provide you better service, and is never shared with anybody outside of our bank.