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A security solution for the online debit card purchase


October 2013 - MasterCard Secure Code process has changed in how it works to protect our customers. The old process was to enroll for the service via a separate link and establish a password that might be needed by some merchants when shopping online. The new process is risk based on whether the transaction is considered High or Low risk. It uses intelligent risk assessment and retains a behavioral profile on the cardholder. There is no enrollment and no password required.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at 1-888-902-2552 or click here for specific location information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MasterCard Secure Code?
MasterCard Secure Code is an innovative service offering secure Internet shopping through the use of a debit or credit MasterCard. MasterCard Secure Code allows the cardholder to verify certain personal information on high risk purchases to verify that the purchase is being completed by the true card owner. 

How does Secure Code work?
When a purchase is made online, Secure Code determines if the transaction is High risk and needs additional customer information to proceed. In these cases, cardholders could be presented with challenge questions that have to be correctly answered before the transaction would be approved.

What are the challenge questions that may be asked during shopping? 
Secure Code challege questions may include one or all of these:

  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  • Expiration Date of card
  • Billing Address Zip Code 

Will I still need the password that I received when I previously registered for a Secure Code?
They should not since merchants should be validating transactions with the challenge questions verses a Secure Code password.  

What should I do if I know I am entering my challenge question answers correctly but I am still being declined for my purchase?
You may always contact ABC Bank to verify information such as your zip code. Your zip code has to match our core records. If for example you have moved and not notified us of your current address, this can cause an issue. Verify the last 4 digits of SS# of the name on the card. We can also verify this information in our system.

If you have repeatedly (3 times) entered the wrong information for a challenge question, this can cause the authentication process to be locked for your protection. If you wait approximately one hour you will be allowed to try the transaction again.

If you enter the incorrect responses 3 more times the authentication process is locked and you will not be able to perform any internet purchases until the registration is unlocked for your card. You would need to contact the bank for assistance with either unlocking your registration or finding out the reason for the authentication lock. 

What are other possible reasons for my transaction to not be approved? 
There are only about 5% of transactions that fall within the High risk category. Most of these High risk transaction can be approved with correct challenge question answers. However, there are still approxiatley 1% of High risk transactions that may not be approved for various reasons listed below. If you are declined, please try and record the decline code provided by the merchant. This will help us try and research why your transaction will not go through.

  • Buying something from a high risk country or region
  • High risk merchant or merchant on watch list
  • Fraud on the IP Address
  • High Dollar Amount
  • Volume