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Treasury Management

American Bank of Commerce’s Treasury Management services allow you to improve cash flow, lower costs, simplify accounting processes, and improve your efficiency. We offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Simply click any of the services listed below to learn more and let us know how we can help your business. For more information, contact one of our friendly Treasury Management Team Members.
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  • Payments

    Cash Manager (ACH & Direct Deposit)

    ACH (Automatic Clearing House) allows electronic fund transfer between parties by replacing checks or wire transfers. ACH services enable a company to collect, concentrate and disburse funds more efficiently. Companies use ACH to pay their employees, debit customers for services or pay vendors and taxes.

    Business MasterMoney™ Debit Card

    You need a debit card that is flexible and reliable. The business debit card from ABC Bank is a convenient payment tool for any size business. It eliminates timely reimbursement procedures and with the use of online banking, your business can efficiently track everyday use.

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    Wire Transfer

    Once you complete our Wire Transfer Agreement form, you can initiate domestic and international wire transfer requests online and from the convenience of your office.

    MasterCard® Business Credit Card

    ABC Bank offers a card program for both consumer and business customers. With any credit card program, you need a financial institution that can work with you on a face to face level. You can rely on American Bank of Commerce to deliver the best service and all the advantages you deserve.

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    Office Banker (Remote Deposit Capture)

    Spend more time running your business… instead of running to the bank. ABC Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) product Office Banker allows you to make check deposits without going to the bank. With a Windows-based PC, a check scanner, and a high speed internet connection, you can make deposits anytime and from any of your business locations. Each scanned check creates an electronic image (front and back) that is transmitted to ABC and deposited to your account.

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    Merchant Services

    ABC Bank would like to help your business succeed. That is why we offer an easy and affordable credit card acceptance solution through our trusted partner Worldpay. Let us get started on setting up your service or complete a cost comparison between your current provider and our partner. 

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    Lockbox Services

    Utilizing our LockBox services can not only make one less hassle for you, it can greatly accelerate the credit of funds to your account. Your customers’ payments are deposited on the day they are received, getting a head start on your money’s earning potential.

    ABC Bank has partnered with BankTec to provide this service which includes:

    • Invoice processing and accounts payable
    • Mail processing solutions
    • Remittance processing solutions
    • Forms and document processing solutions
    • Medical records processing
    • Healthcare claims processing
    • Healthcare remittance automation

    Outsourcing these services allows a low risk option that enables companies to significantly lower the processing cost and gain improved financial management.


    SEND INVOICES, GET PAID ONLINE. American Bank of Commerce works with Autobooks to bring essential tools inside your online banking. Let people pay you online, from their phone or computer. Always know exactly who’s paid and who’s due. Create & send invoices electronically - no waiting on snail mail.

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    Automated Sweep

    Let us help you set up the sweep plan that best suits your business needs. Whether you need a basic overdraft protection sweep, a targeted balance sweep or other type of sweep.

    Zero Balance Accounts

    A Zero Balance Account can help minimize idle funds and administrative expenses normally associated with monitoring multiple accounts. This service is useful for companies with multiple locations and branches that have a need to maintain separate accounts for record keeping or audit purposes but want to automatically concentrate these funds at the end of the day.

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    Positive Pay

    Successfully protect yourself from losses! Financial losses from check fraud reach into the billions each year, affecting companies of all sizes. Positive Pay is a powerful tool for early detection and identification of potential fraudulent activity. It guards against check forgery and third-party fraud by matching each item presented against a current list of valid issued checks. Early fraud detection is the key to protecting your business. Positive Pay makes that possible.


    • Reduce risk of loss due to check fraud
    • Identify exception items at the time of presentment
    • Reduce your reconciliation effort by limiting the process to exception items only
    • While having the bank match each check you write to a file you provide, you not only protect your funds, but you create an automated daily reconciliation process
    • Easy upload process to report all issues
    • Easy identification of exception items
    • Ability to decision items that are suspended, ACH Blockers available

    Corporate Account Takeover

    At American Bank of Commerce, we are committed to your security and want to make you aware of electronic crime. Cybercriminals target small to mid-size businesses in order to fraudulently transfer money directly from their bank accounts. Corporate Account Takeover is a type of business identity theft where a criminal uses malicious software (malware) to steal a company’s valid online banking credentials to electronically steal money.

    • Beware of fraudulent emails pretending to be from the FDIC 
    • Occurrences of malware and mobile malware increases each year
    • Thousands of fake web addresses are created each week
    • Google searches can lead to malicious links
    • Be aware of Facebook posts with links to malicious sources or spam
    • PayPal and Facebook are top targets for phishers
    • In 78% of fraud attacks, money leaves the bank before anyone notices

    We believe there is a strong need for cooperative learning and communication between financial institutions and their corporate account holders to help combat these attacks. You can help us reduce the risk of these attacks by taking an active role in training your staff and implementing prudent security controls in the use of electronic financial transactions. We value your business and together we can fight these types of crimes.

    My Card Rules Debit Card Alerts

    MyCardRules™ is a free service that allows ABC debit cardholders to control their card(s) anywhere, anytime from their smartphone. Once you have our MasterCard™ business debit card you use this service. 

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