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Business Savings

A savings account is an easy and safe way for businesses to set aside funds for a future project or need. You can keep your resources liquid, while also earning interest on your balance. The account may also be tied to your checking account to protect you from the occasional accidental overdraft fee.


    Account Description & Benefits: Easy access to money - can be tied to your checking for overdraft protection

    Interest Bearing - Minimum Daily Balance required to obtain the annual percentage yield Yes

    Service Charges

    Daily Balance during statement cycle determines service charge:

    • $0 – $49.99 = $3.00
    • $50.00 + = $0

    Over 6 withdrawals per quarter = $2 per item

    Eligibility Business
    Minimum Opening Deposit $50
    Transaction Limitation 6 transfers or withdrawals per month by check, debit card or similar order payable to a third party
    Debit Card - additional fees may apply, a full fee schedule is available at any branch No