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abc_online-bill-pay_072215_02You need a debit card that is flexible and reliable. The business debit card from ABC Bank is a convenient payment tool for any size business. It eliminates timely reimbursement procedures and with the use of online banking. Your business can efficiently track everyday use.


ABC Bank’s smart way to shop

The MasterMoney business debit card from American Bank of Commerce is a useful way to make day‐to‐day transactions. As the cardholder completes the purchases, the amount of the transaction is deducted from the checking account balance. You can use the MasterMoney Card just about anywhere. Merchants displaying the MasterCard logo will take your card. You can also use any ATM machine for quick cash on the go.

Card purchases will appear on your monthly checking account statement. The amount, date, and place where you use the card will appear on your statement, along with the checks you write and your ATM transactions. You can keep better track of your total spending with all transactions on one statement.

As a business owner, you will have the ability to limit ATM or POS access and also have the option to block ATM usage if you choose. Daily card limits are not set at the account level, but rather at the card level offering you the flexibility to manage funds per cardholder.


How to get your card

To obtain a MasterMoney card, pick up an application at any ABC banking center. Fill it out and return it to us for approval. Once approved, the new business debit card will be mailed to the business address of the account owner where the business owner will be able to monitor the cards and PIN’s effectively. After the card is received, two to three days later, the PIN (Personal Identification Number) will arrive in the mail.

If you need your card sooner, take advantage of our instant issue debit card service, click here for details and service location availability.


MasterMoney Card transactions online

When shopping with your MasterMoney card, funds are deducted from your available balance immediately. Please realize you are spending money you have deposited, rather than money you are borrowing. You need to ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your checking account. If you do not have sufficient funds available, you can expect to pay the applicable fees and charges. Insufficient funds may also result in your card transaction being declined.


How to start using your MasterMoney card

  •  Fill out application. It’s quick and easy to fill out. Only owners and authorized signers may have a debit card. It is the owner’s responsibility to notify us in writing to revoke an authorized signer/user. Cards may not be transferred to persons in the same organization as cards are issued to individuals not just the business.
  •  Watch your mailbox. Once you are approved, your MasterMoney card will be mailed to you. You will receive your PIN two to three days after your card arrives.
  •  Activate your card. You may visit any ATM or POS(Point of Sale) terminal to activate your card with the PIN that you receive in the mail. Once your card is activated, you are ready to make purchases and ATM transactions.
  •  Use your card. Use your MasterMoney card anywhere MasterCard is accepted or at any ATM.
  •  Record transactions. Record transactions in your checkbook register.
  •  Watch your account. Transactions will be memo posted to your account immediately. Actual charge may not be deducted from your ledger balance for several days.
  •  Review transaction activity. Review your transaction activity on your monthly checking account statement or anytime with our convenient online banking service.

Additional fees may apply. A full fee schedule is available at any ABC Banking Center Location.


What if I lose my card or if it’s stolen?

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card during normal banking hours, contact any ABC Banking Center for assistance or call us toll free at 1‐888‐902‐2552. After ABC business hours, call toll free: 1‐866‐546‐8273. For information on our 24/7 Debit Card Fraud Monitoring Service, click here.


What protection does ABC Bank offer against debit card fraud?

At American Bank of Commerce, safeguarding your account is a crucial part of our business. In our continuing effort to protect you from fraudulent activity, we are proud to offer free 24/7 debit card monitoring that will enhance account security and also provide you with peace of mind.


How does debit card fraud monitoring work?

The debit card fraud monitoring service uses an intelligent risk management system that monitors, detects, and prevents on‐going debit card fraud. The service utilizes many techniques to detect high risk transactions including:


  •  Reviewing your normal transaction activity and spending habits to determine abnormal activity.
  •  Utilizing known information about fraud that has occurred for other cardholders
  •  Using intelligent logic and rules to detect possible fraudulent activity within minutes of the transaction.
  •  If a transaction is considered out of the norm, a fraud analyst will attempt to contact you to verify the legitimacy. If you confirm the transaction was authorized by you, no other action is necessary. If you indicate the transaction was not authorized, your card will be blocked to prevent further fraud from happening.
  •  In some cases when you cannot be reached, a message will be left and your card may temporarily be blocked until you return the call.

What you can do:

  •  If you are contacted by a fraud analyst please return their call as soon as possible. If you answer the analyst’s call, you will not be asked to provide personal information. However, if you call the fraud analyst back, you will be asked to verify your identity along with providing a case number.
  •  Please keep your contact information (home, work, and cell numbers) current with us so you can be easily contacted if any questionable activity is detected.
  •  Please advise ABC Bank about your travel plans so you have immediate access to your funds.
  •  Safeguard your card and protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  •  Review your account activity on a regular basis and notify ABC Bank of any unauthorized charges immediately.
  •  Report lost or stolen card immediately. Click here for Information on Lost or Stolen Debit Card Reporting. At ABC Bank, we take pride in our ability to take a proactive approach in helping prevent fraud from happening to you. Learn more about protecting yourself from fraud at our Fraud Education Center.

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